How to deal with banner blindness: 6 tips + own experiment

According to statistics, people notice only seven out of ten advertising banners on the network. But if your ads are always one of the attracting attention, then most likely you will not find anything new for yourself in the article. Those who are always in search of new solutions and tools to improve their advertising, please read.

How to attract customers with free "buns": 14 working ideas

Business and marketing coaches often give small and medium business owners one recommendation: in order to attract new customers, you need to offer them something free, something they will be hard to give up. And initially this is really the right advice. Free first step perfectly removes the objection, can significantly increase conversion, allows you to warm up the "cold" audience and cause her confidence.

Expert articles from non-expert: how to show aerobatics

You must have come across a situation where people come to you with a project about which topic you do not know anything. Yes, and asked to make the material expert. It was? How many times have you taken an order to work and failed? In the article I will tell you how to competently build a process and hand over quality material. Based on real events: personal experience, proven methods and examples.

Your texts sell if you know how to catch COM: COM rule for selling texts

Perhaps you will say: "Again, these AIDA and 4U - all this tops we have already passed." Well done then, but not really ... First of all, how does it sound - “Aida for yo”, as if the nickname of fashionable instagram beauty blogger. Secondly, today about the other. COM is not a scheme, but rather a foundation. However, now you yourself will understand everything.

Guest posting has ceased to be legal? New recommendations from Google

Content marketers know Google’s webmaster guides, including the Link Exchange Schemes section. This helps them to promote projects without breaking the rules of the largest search engine in the world and avoiding sanctions for manipulating search results. Knowing Google's guides, content marketers use several “white” link building methods, the main ones of which are the creation of useful content that users naturally refer to, as well as guest posting or guest blogging.