How to withdraw funds from Yandex.Money: the most profitable options

Last year we wrote about how to withdraw from WebMoney quickly and with a minimum commission. Now we have reached Yandex.Money.

According to Mediascope for 2017, the Poison is the most popular and well-known payment system among Russians.

Unlike WebMoney, with a confusing security system and a bunch of commissions, Yandex.Money is a simple and convenient service. However, here too, when withdrawing funds, there are some nuances and life-hacks.

Status in Yandex.Money: what influences and how to increase

If you are only registered in the system, you should start by completing the online application form. This is a prerequisite for the withdrawal of Yandex.Money on the card, sending transfers to other wallets.

Specify passport data, phone number and TIN / SNILS - the wallet will become personal. As a rule, this status is quite enough for a freelancer who:

  • Holds in "Ya.Money" <60 000 rubles.
  • Does not display at a time> 15 000 rubles.
  • Earns on the Internet <300 000 rubles per month.

If you plan to store up to half a million Yandex.Money on your wallet, send them to other people by bank transfer or Western Union, withdraw 75,000 rubles to the card, withdraw a lot of cash, you will need identification.

It is easier and faster to get an identified wallet to those who have a Sberbank card and a Mobile Bank connected.

How to display "Yandex.Money" on the map

When an anonymous wallet changes to a named / identified wallet, it becomes possible to display Yandex.Money on the map.

What you need to do in the browser:

  • Click "Money Transfer" in the left menu or click on the "Remove" button next to the userpic in the upper right corner.
  • In the "To" field, select "To bank card".
  • Specify the card number and the amount to be received (minimum - 100 rubles).

Commission Yandex.Money for withdrawing to the card is 3% of the amount + 45 rubles.

You can save 30 rubles from each transfer, if you use not the card number, but its bank details. The disadvantage of this method is that the process of enrollment is stretched to 3 business days.

Exception: the withdrawal of Yandex.Money in Alfa-Click, Promsvyazbank or Tinkoff. Then enrollment for 1 minute is guaranteed, and the commission will be only 3%. A small clarification: Tinkoff and Promsvyazbank work only with identified wallets.

By the way, can be used to transfer from card to card. The commission of the service for the owners of the "Yandex" wallets is only 1, 5% of the amount (minimum - 35 rubles). Banks love to charge for transfers to other banks much more.

How to display "Yandex.Money" without commission

There are two ways to withdraw "Yandex.Money" without a commission: via the Yandex card itself and the Megaphone card.

The account "Ya.Kard" and the purse "Yandex" - the same thing. MegaFon card account and SIM card balance are one and the same.

Details of tariffs and limits - in the comparative table.


"Megaphone. Bank"

Issue fee

200 rubles

0-249 rubles (depends on the tariff of mobile communication and the type of card)

Card type



Card expiry date

3 years

4, 5 years


0 rubles

0 rubles

Transfer to another card

3% (minimum - 100 rubles)

1, 99 %

ATM cash withdrawals

0% - up to 10,000 rubles (for identified wallets).

If more than 10 000 p. or a personal wallet, then - 3% (minimum - 100 rubles).

0% - up to 3,000 rubles per month

2, 5% - from 3 000 p. up to 10 000 r. per month

3, 5% - from 10 000 p. up to 100 000 r. per month

4% - from 100,000 p.

Cash withdrawal limits

5000 rubles per day / 40 000 rubles per month - for personalized wallets

500 000 rubles per day / 1 300 000 rubles per month - for identified wallets

50 000 r. per day / 600 000 p. per month (if there are other operations, then less)

Card to card transfer limits

15 000 r. for 1 transfer / 200 000 p. per month - for personalized wallets

250 000 r. for 1 transfer / 600 000 p. per month - for identified wallets

14,850 p. for 1 transfer / 100 000 p. per day / 600 000 p. per month (if there are other operations, then less)

Interest on balance


8%, provided that the account> 500 rubles, and for the month made at least 1 purchase


5% for shoes, clothes, cafes (the action is very limited in time and total budget, plus a small limit on accrual per user).

Up to 15% of partners are true, as a rule, there are very few of them. At the time of this writing, only Formula Kino cooperates with MegaFon.

Bonus: megabytes for map operations. 10 MB - for every 100 rubles spent.

There is a limit for replenishing the MegaFon account with Yandex.Money - 5,000 rubles per month. The service warns: if you replenish the numbers of one operator with a larger amount, there will be a 2% commission. Nevertheless, once I exceeded the limit, they did not take anything extra.

But, of course, it is worth it to insure. In such a case, you need to negotiate with a friend / relative (transfer to another wallet through the application - no commission) or ask the employer / customer to replenish the balance of the phone through the poison.

How to display "Yandex.Money" in cash, without a card

The ability to withdraw "Money" in cash - without any cards at all - appeared quite recently. This can be done if there is an identified wallet and an ATM of Raiffeisenbank nearby.

What you need for this:

  • Click on the "Remove" button, select "Without a card" and specify the amount. For one transfer: minimum - 500 rubles, maximum - 5 000 rubles. In several translations you can withdraw up to 30,000 rubles per day.
  • Confirm the transaction and save the transfer number.
  • Go to the ATM → select "Get cash without a card" → indicate the amount, transfer number and pin code.

Commission for withdrawal without a card - 3% (minimum - 100 rubles). Instant transfer, you need to pick up the money within 7 days.

Briefly about the main thing

- To display "Yandex.Money" on the map and transfer them to friends, at least you need to fill out a questionnaire and get a personal wallet. And it is better to immediately remove all restrictions by means of identification (easier and faster - to Sberbank customers with a Mobile Bank connected).

- Commission for transfer to a bank card - 3% + 45 rubles. You can save 30-45 rubles if you transfer money not by card number, but by bank details. The disadvantage is that speed is lost, as bank transfers go up to 3 business days. Exception: Alfa-Click, Tinkoff and Promsvyazbank, where enrollment takes 1 minute (just note: the last two work only with identified wallets).

- You can display "Ya.Money" without a fee to the card of Yandex itself or the Megafon.Bank card. The latter is suitable if you are a MegaFon client, small amounts of money come to the Poison and you do not need to withdraw a lot of cash. And - if you want to keep money at 8% per annum (banks now do not give so much). In other cases, it is better to have "J.Card".

- A good option for those who are without cards at all is to immediately withdraw cash through Raiffeisenbank ATMs. This is possible for identified users. Standard commission: 3% (minimum - 100 rubles). Notice that it is cheaper than with the withdrawal of "Yandex. Money" on a bank card.

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