[News] Collection of applications "VKontakte" - fishing pole for customers

Lida go straight from the news feed, without any mailings. This is not a sweet dream of a marketer, but a new tool for the advertising cabinet "VKontakte" - "Collection of applications". In the ribbon, it is displayed as a classic advertising post with a CTA-button. When you click opens the application form, the data in which is automatically pulled from the profile. Potential customer can only confirm the data. Contact made.


    Why it's worth trying:

    • Instant notifications of new applications. The advertiser can write to a potential client while he is still hot, i.e. within minutes after submitting the form.
    • Minimum lead action. Not everyone likes to fill in a bunch of fields, especially from the phone. With new ads, you can confirm the application in one click.
    • Retargeting capability. If you create a request to create a pixel retargeting when creating an application, it will take into account all users who read the advertisement but did not respond to it. Pixel will automatically add them to the retargeting audience and in the next campaign, the advertiser will be able to “press” them.

    VKontakte prepared detailed instructions for using new ads. I also tested the collection of applications - it works!

    VKontakte advises to make concise forms to the maximum, without unnecessary fields. The essence of the proposal should be clear already from the title. Experiment with different headlines, images, ad text to find the most conversion option.

    Read our guide on setting up advertising "VKontakte" for dummies and a lot of useful tips for promoting business in the social network.

    Have you already appreciated the new ad format?

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