TexTerra Digest No. 1: the main thing in digital over the week

The free web analytics service Yandex.Metrika has a new tool for marketers called Visitors. It will show information about the activity of ALL site visitors since the installation of the Yandex.Metrica counter on it. Previously, they could only be analyzed by groups (age, geography, search interests, sources of switching to the site). Now the service gives a detailed "dossier" for each user, reflecting the metrics important to the user:

  • Total time spent on the site.
  • The number of visits.
  • Where did the client come from (social networks, search engines, referral links).
  • Goals achieved (purchase of goods, registration, subscription to the newsletter, etc.).

The owners of online stores, among other things, will be able to segment the audience by the number of purchases, the amount of the check, as well as identify the% of the changed-mind visitors who put the goods in the basket, but did not place an order.

How it works

Of course, the profiles do not have personal user data. The metric shows only the actions of the visitor, which will help the marketer to draw up his life cycle on the site. The system assigns a unique ID to each user.

The system "reads" visitors using the technology "Webvisor". If the same client enters the site from different devices, the system identifies it as different visitors. This is so far the only negative tool. Perhaps soon the developers will figure out how to fix it.

What will it give

An intelligent marketer will give a lot of new tools. With it, you can select the most profitable customers for the site, find out what unites them and adjust the marketing strategy already for this segment. He also identifies customers who are interested in the product, but did not reach the purchase. The report will show on which pages potential buyers most often fall off. The new service will help to further explore the visitor’s chain of actions on the site and work with its weak links.

Some of our colleagues have already tested "Visitors". Impressions are positive.

The “Visitors counter” will undoubtedly simplify the spot analytics of the project. Especially if ecommerce data is being downloaded from the site. The possibilities for analytics are greater. I like that now you don’t have to dig at Webvisor at random - it took a lot of time. Yandex "implements ideas that can be called" a painful blow to paid analytics systems. "- Mikhail Pozdnyakov, a copywriter.

Other Internet Marketing News

The neural networks of Google will write ads for you. At the Marketing Innovations Keynote conference, company representatives talked about personalized search engine technology. From the marketer need only a short description of the product and a few options for titles. Artificial intelligence will generate different versions of the text for different portraits of Central Asia. The system will select the best option based on the search interests of each user. Thus, for one search query, different people will see different texts of the same ad.

Full conference recording

Instagram screwed to stories interactive stickers, through which the authors will be able to communicate with subscribers. To answer the author, just click on the sticker. Answers are displayed as a carousel under the story. So far, the option is available in the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android, but will soon appear in the desktop.

Facebook suggested ad format with elements of augmented reality. They will present several products in one: for example, different models of glasses or shades of lipstick. Now the novelty is tested by well-known brands: Michael Kors, Sephora and Wayfair.

In "Google Maps" appeared search reviews. Users will be able to quickly find the necessary information by keywords.

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