Why your content is not working: my personal case

Since you went into this article, you can safely assume that you are disappointed in content marketing. Probably, you read some inspiring articles and cases in due time and began to actively use this method - write expert materials, answer questions that concern your potential clients, follow the unique meaning of your texts - but now almost six months have passed, and there are no results. And you seemed to be doing everything right, exactly as advised by the gurus of the industry, but the traffic never grew, there was no increase in leads, the budget was wasted idle.

Naturally, the first thought that comes after this comes to mind is that the effectiveness of content marketing is exaggerated and it is no longer worth doing it. If so, if you came to exactly this conclusion and plan to abandon this tactic of advancement in the near future, please do not rush. Perhaps to achieve the expected results, you lacked only one thing - this article.

Why is content marketing failing?

There are two global reasons.

The first is your business. Or, to be more precise, an incorrect assessment of its relevance and prospects. For example, you sell expensive paper notebooks, but very few people use them today - every second person has a tablet in their bag; or provide services for the repair of lamp TVs - well, I’m so exaggerating, of course, but you understand what I mean. Also, your content marketing may not work, because you have an inappropriate subject for it. For example, sites dedicated to one service that is required here and now, say, a taxi order. In this case, you do not need content marketing. It will be enough to have a small website with short texts and a large phone in the header. There are a couple of reasons for this item. If you are interested, read this material, everything is written there in detail and even a small case of our company is given. In this article we will not dwell on them. I hope your business is fine.

The second is the quality of the published content. As Denis Saveliev, the main expert on content marketing in Russia, says, "if your content marketing does not work, then your content means that this is no use to anyone." I agree, it sounds rude, but to the point. 99% of brands do not achieve success in content marketing for this very reason. They begin to create content without understanding the way it should be in order to produce results.

In this article, I will tell you about what principles should be followed when creating content for a blog, and also share practical tips on finding ideas for content, which I myself use when I come up with themes for Texterra.

What should be the content?

In our blog, we repeatedly wrote about what the content should be in order for it to bring traffic and leads. If you missed these materials, you have a chance to read them now:

In them you will find a bunch of tips, and they are all really efficient and correct. However, in my personal experience, I realized that of all of them, only the next five are critically important.

1. Combine different types of content

Conventionally, all content can be divided into three types: content that generates traffic, content that gives you expert status and leads the user to the idea that he needs your product, and the last one - content that sells.

The first type of content includes:

  1. Posts with lots of valuable tips (list articles). Example - The quintessence of the experience of SMM marketers: 70 articles that will make you a pro. 361 sharing.
  2. Posts with deep study of the topic (guides). Example - Promotion of a site with a zero budget: 65 free steps to conquer TOPs. 586 shareings.
  3. Posts with exclusive tips (of which few have heard). Example - 7 free and little-known tools for more productive work on the Internet. 340 shareings.
  4. Posts about recent events (newsjacking). An example is the “Magic Gate” SEO closed. 314 shareings.
  5. Provocative posts (going against the majority opinion). Example - Conversion killers: 7 phrases, after which users leave your site. 289 shareings.
  6. Posts that cause laughter. Example - the life of a content marketer in pictures. 173 rassharivaniya.

As you understand, all this content unites one thing - you want to save it from a bookmark or share it in social networks. And in principle, it does not affect the decision to purchase. But he performs a different, much larger role than you imagine. He brings to your site a new audience and becomes the starting point for the user through the sales funnel. After all, having become interested in one material, the user will surely go to study others and will soon come across the second content type:

  1. Posts that explain how your product / service is better than the rest. Example - SEO market in an era of suspicion.
  2. Posts that show that you are true professionals. Example - About internet marketing is simple.
  3. Posts that lead the user to the idea that he needs your product / service. Example - Responsive design as an SEO tool.

And even after reading them, a person will not have a spontaneous purchase decision. This is not at all scary. The same user can consume these two types of content for months before he decides to go to the next. And that's fine. The more complex and expensive a product is, the longer its reflections will last. But you have already achieved the main goal - you attracted a user to your site, introduced him to your brand, showed that you are an expert in your field, told him what the advantages of your product are, and showed its effectiveness using an example. Now you just have to wait until he decides, go to the most selling section of your site "Goods" / "Services" (third content type) and make the final step - place an order or contact your manager.

In conjunction, these three types of content work just fine. And the proof is our own blog.

2. Create content you want to share.

All internet marketers are concerned about the same question. How to create such content that will share? In fact, everything before the banality is simple. When searching for ideas, it is important to keep in mind only one question: "And I would share this post myself if I were its target audience?"Please do not laugh at the simplicity of this advice. It really works. When I started asking myself this question, the number of shareings of my materials increased many times.

Maybe now I’ll say something not very pleasant for understanding, but your content marketing is not working, most likely for this reason. Most copywriters, especially freelancers, write content just to write it. Just work out the signs. They have learned to roll one small thought or advice on a whole sheet of text and consider themselves to be awesome specialists. Do you know what I tell you? Such copywriters are useless. No matter how well they write and no matter how beautiful metaphors come up with. Nobody needs “water”. People need useful information. And the more its concentration in the article, the greater the chance that it will want to share. Therefore, you must create materials in which just a sea of ​​utility. Once again, SEA. Not one kind of useful advice, rolled out into a whole article, but a PILE of useful advice. So that a person wants to save this material for himself, in order to put the ideas in it into practice in the future.

By the way, it's funny, but in most cases such articles are not read by anyone, they are simply shared on social networks. Somehow we had material on Texterra about Google Analytics, a collection of 50 useful tips. So, there in half of the article were accidentally incorrectly affixed links. The article scored a large number of share. And only a week later a very attentive reader wrote to us and pointed out the problem. Therefore, the conclusion: article lists is a bomb, use them without a doubt. And if you still have doubts, look at the following materials from our blog:

  • 96 killer content ideas for social networks - 207 shareings.
  • 50 of the worst mistakes of web copywriters - 135 rassharivaniy.
  • How to increase traffic: 60 ways that will explode your traffic - 145 shareings.

Please note: these are not just articles. These are articles filled with helpful tips. Better than them on the Internet yet. There are articles about 10 ways to promote on Facebook, there are articles about 20 mistakes of copywriters. We have collected all the tips that are possible. This content creation technique is so effective that it was even given the name “skyscraper” technique.

3. Do not be afraid to advertise your competitors.

Another conclusion I came to while working on the Texterra blog is that you don’t have to be afraid to mention competing sites in your articles. Look at the most popular articles on our blog:

  • Top 80 experts in the extraction of traffic - 440 shareings.
  • 200 of the most shared posts on internet marketing in runet - 635 shareings.
  • The quintessence of the experience of SMM-marketers: 70 articles that will make you a pro - 361 sharing.

Such articles attract a huge pile of traffic. And it is absolutely unimportant that we are promoting competitors with these articles. Because all the rassharivaniya that we get, will lead it to our site. People will study this material, click on links, turn out excellent behavioral data for us, read our other materials, etc. That is, in any case, we remain the winner.

4. Increase your audience in social networks

To successfully promote the site, it is necessary to increase the audience in social networks. You see, there is such a thing here - no social networks can get a lot of traffic. Even if you create cool content, if you do not have an audience in social networks, no one will see it. Yes, you will receive search traffic, but this is not enough. In order to speed up the process of your promotion as much as possible, you need to register in all popular social networks and actively increase their audience. There are a million ways to do this. I described most of them in the article "A full step-by-step guide on how to promote a page on Facebook." Do not look that Facebook is in the name, these tips are perfect for Vkontakte and other social networks.

5. Do not count on your imagination - steal

They say ideas can be found everywhere. Even going to the bus or to the store, you can get it. Yes, I agree. But honestly, does this happen to you often? Here you go to the store and do you really think about work? I think you are thinking about how not to forget to buy eggs or bread. Therefore, my advice is this: do not count on your imagination and inspiration. Ideas need to seek and borrow. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a great article to help you: “What to write in a blog, when to write about: 99 content ideas.”

Another great place to look for ideas: your bookmarks. You must find and bookmark all high-quality foreign sites on your subject and follow what they publish. In my bookmarks on Texterra, there are about 50 top sites on internet marketing. And at least once a week I look at them all and see what new they have published.

Second place (a real fount of ideas) - BuzzSumo service. Its meaning is as follows: you enter a request, and the service searches for the most frequently shared articles for that request. In detail about how it works, we wrote in the article about the 500 best tools for integrated promotion of sites. So then, I will not repeat here.

These are the conclusions that came in the year of work on the Texterra blog. I hope they were useful to you.

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