25 effective ways to feed content

In the conditions of tough competition that prevails today in the blogosphere, it becomes very difficult to attract and retain readers. New blogs appear like mushrooms after rain, and this process cannot be stopped. How to survive in this fierce struggle? How to stand out from the background of their competitors, the number of which every day becomes more and more?

We have already talked about how important it is to create high-quality content, and never get tired of repeating it. Content is the basis of your promotion. However, it is not enough just to write beautiful and interesting texts - they still need to be properly submitted to their readers. We are talking about different formats or types of posts.

Thinking about the content of the next publication, a competent blogger must necessarily imagine how he will draw his text. Surely, many of you have a favorite way of presenting material, for example, in the form of a list or instruction. However, this does not mean that you can use it absolutely in all cases. After all, you do not write posts for yourself, but for readers, so you should take into account their interests

For most people (except the most convinced conservatives), it is natural to strive for novelty and diversity. After all, you do not eat scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, no matter how delicious it may seem, and do not wear the same jeans all year round, no matter how comfortable and fashionable they are? Same thing with your readers. They constantly need to be surprised with something new and interesting, otherwise they will simply get bored and find a replacement for your blog.

Next we look at the most popular and effective ways to feed content. Perhaps some of them are suitable for the implementation of your marketing strategy, while others - will be redundant. In any case, you should familiarize yourself with all existing post formats in order to be proud of the title of a reputable blogger.

1. Post-instruction

In a nutshell, this is a post that explains to readers the right way to perform a particular task. Here is one of the typical examples: How to dominate the first page of Google. Post-instruction is one of the most common formats among business bloggers. And this is no accident: since it teaches readers something new, it is great for generating traffic from organic search.

2. Post list

Another equally popular post format is the list. Listing posts can be easily recognized, since their headlines usually contain numbers, such as in these articles: 16 reasons to become an expert or 7 ways to smudge a dishonest online competitor.

Post lists are great for novice bloggers, as they can easily be drawn up according to a template. Usually they are used to combine tips, methods and ideas on a specific topic and they are very popular with the audience because they are easy to read and view. This is not a solid text at the sight of which readers have only one desire: to leave the web page as soon as possible ... The post-list is orderly: it contains points and sub-items reflecting the main ideas of the article. Looking through it, readers understand that you have put a lot of effort to save their time. Therefore, they thank you with likes and rassharivaniya.

3. Post Review

Post-review, as a rule, covers the content of other bloggers on a specific topic. To create it, first of all, it is necessary to choose a subject and find the most interesting publications related to it. Then, combine them in one article and beautifully arrange. Thus, you save time and efforts of your subscribers who no longer need to surf the Internet in search of the necessary information: all the necessary information is collected in one source. An example of such an article: What are the metrics of the effectiveness of content marketing used by 10 leading experts of burzhuneta.

There are certain prejudices regarding post reviews. For example, some consider them unoriginal, and their creators - lazy. However, it is not. In order to create such a post, it is necessary to conduct a kind of research, study a variety of opinions on a particular issue, and then present them in a clear and concise form.

Review posts are ideal for presenting life examples, static data, expert opinions, quotes, videos, etc. They also help build and maintain links with other bloggers and companies that you can link to in your posts.

4. Post-information for consideration

Posts of this type encourage readers to actively reflect. They represent certain considerations, for example, about the dynamics of a certain industry or new industry trends and their significance. It should be noted that not every blogger is able to write such posts - this requires experience and professionalism. It is impossible to create post-information for reflection spontaneously: as a rule, it is the result of careful research and reflection on a specific issue. Post-thinking information is often abstract and controversial in its essence. That is why it often becomes the cause of active discussions in the "Comments" section. And this is exactly what we need!

5. Entertaining post

Entertainment posts are used to raise the mood of the audience. After all, who does not like from time to time to laugh heartily? If you comply with the measure, the entertainment posts successfully fit into your marketing strategy.

Entertaining posts are recommended to publish during holidays, at the end of the working day or on weekends, when people want to relax and unwind from serious information. Creating funny posts, do not lose sight of the overall concept of your blog: it should be reflected in every publication, regardless of its genre.

6. Post-explanation

The post of this category explains the essence of a certain concept. As a rule, it begins with the question “what?” (For example, What is viral content?) And is great for explaining content intended for amateurs in a particular field. Post-explanation may reveal features of a particular trend, method or tool. In most cases, it gives the interpretation of a certain concept, and also lists its characteristics. At the end of the post-explanation, you can refer to another publication or an e-book that deals with this phenomenon in more detail.

7. Post-argumentation

From the title it is clear that post-argumentation provides evidence for a particular point of view. Its distinguishing feature is the “why?” Question that starts the headline (for example, Why content marketers should be pleased with the appearance of Penguin 2.0: four reasons).

This format can be used in situations where you want to emphasize the importance of a particular subject, such as a trend, method or concept. You must necessarily support your arguments with real examples, facts and statistics in order to incline your audience to your point of view.

8. Post-essay

A post-essay examines in detail the concepts and ideas that reflect the interests of clients. Its structure and style have much in common with a newspaper article. This format of the post requires more careful reflection and research topics. So, it is necessary to work hard.

9. Post in question-answer form

On the website of every self-respecting company, you can see the FAQ section containing frequently asked questions from readers and answers to them. By analogy, you can create posts dedicated to issues that most interest your customers. An example of such a post: What kind of video hosting to choose for the publication of marketing content.

If you do not know what information can be included in such a post, contact your colleagues from the sales and service departments. Direct communication with potential customers is their daily duty. Therefore, you can ask them to write down the typical questions that customers ask them. Ideas for questions and answers can also be drawn from the comments that readers leave on your blog or pages on social networks.

10. Post-interview

Post-interviews reflect the views of a third party on a specific issue. Like the previous type of posts, it consists of questions and answers, but in this case you ask questions yourself, and another person answers them. As a rule, it is a well-known or influential person, whose opinion is interesting to readers. Post-interview has a number of advantages. First, you have the opportunity to meet with leading experts and authorities in your industry. Secondly, the number of your readers is increasing, because everyone trusts the opinion of professionals. And finally, the reach of your audience is expanding, especially if the respondents share your posts with their colleagues.

11. Post-presentation

When creating this type of post often use the service SlideShare, designed for hosting presentations. Working with him is easy. You create a regular Power Point presentation from your posts, upload it to SlideShare.net and post it on your blog by copying the code from the “Embed” tab. Here is one of our recent presentations - Content Marketing: a new look at the promotion of products and services on the Internet.

Many people underestimate the potential of post presentations, but in vain ... After all, thanks to the SlideShare service, you can make your presentations available to the entire Internet audience. In addition, the post-presentation helps to easily and clearly present any ideas. Of course, the creation of presentation posts will require a lot of time from you, as well as the availability of professional design skills, but the results are worth it.

12. Post-infographics

Recently, bloggers are increasingly using infographics. Infographics are a visual way of presenting information using text and images. Thanks to it, even the most complex scientific concepts become accessible to understanding.

Post-infographics can be distributed via Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. This format will be very useful for the presentation of statistical data, visual advice or historical information. Here is one example: Course on the Islands: Update history of Yandex algorithms.

Creating a post-infographic also requires considerable labor and time costs. If in design you are a complete layman, then it is better to entrust this business to an outside specialist. Approach the creation of infographics with full responsibility, and the results will exceed all your expectations.

13. Post news

Readers are always interested in what is happening in their city, country or world. Help them get quick and easy access to the news. This kind of content needs to be created, published and promoted very quickly. Unfortunately, it tends to very quickly lose its relevance.

You can also use the news background in order to promote your brand. This is the essence of the reception of "newsjacking", about which we have already written in our articles. If you want to become a successful “newsjacker”, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. You should carefully monitor the events in order to connect a certain news with your brand at the right moment. In this situation, you can not do without the help of RSS feeds. Subscribe to the websites of various news agencies to keep up to date with both global and industry news.

14. Post with negative overtones.

Most readers like to read negative news or information about what to avoid (example: 6 errors that reduce the effectiveness of e-mailing). Consider a certain situation from the negative side, and you will be pleasantly surprised by a significant increase in traffic.

15. Post with the results of the study

Many customers are suspicious of content that does not have scientific evidence. Provide them with evidence based on one or more sources. And then your readers will immediately print your article and recommend it to their colleagues. And these are not empty words, but the result of scientific research :)

16. Post-case

Research is good, but real case studies are even better. Theoretical abstractions are not enough for people: they want to be sure that this method or method really works in practice. Analyze some examples from real life, and then readers instantly begin to share your content on various social platforms. By the way, here are a couple of examples of similar posts: Internal and external content marketing: a case of texterra.ru and a true story about how one foreign blogger increased traffic by 342% over the year.

17. "Ageless" post

Some posts have an amazing feature: they do not lose their relevance with time. It may take a year or even two, and readers will feel as if they were written only yesterday. This is due to the fact that such posts contain universal truths, without reference to time. Consider the following example: How to blog if you cannot write well? It is not difficult to guess that the information contained in this article will lose its relevance only when the blogosphere disappears completely from the “face of the Internet”. And this is extremely unlikely ...

18. Post replete with photographs

Create content in which ideas, concepts or stories are transmitted using screenshots and photos (as, for example, in our post 10 ways to create stunning pictures that your users will want to share with friends). Pictures have an emotional impact on blog visitors. That is why content containing visual elements becomes more popular than regular text posts.

19. Post-video

Access to high-speed Internet allowed users to watch and download a large number of videos. That is why the video should be a mandatory component of your marketing mix. Fortunately, you have plenty to choose from. For example, you can shoot a video on a regular video camera (example: Comments, as an inbound marketing tool) or create video tutorials that will display your monitor screen (for example, using Camtasia software). Do not forget about the good old YouTube, which allows you to share video content with a multimillion-dollar audience.

20. Post-rating

Whatever genre of music you like, you will surely watch what places your idols occupy in the charts of various radio stations and TV channels. Why not create your own “hit parade” on your blog? Naturally, you will not be evaluating melodies, but various products and services (for example, the top 10 gadgets of the year). You can even vote among your readers and present its results in the form of a post. Your subscribers will be pleased that you consider their opinion when creating your content.

21. Post comparison

Posts that compare two products or two services of the same category always cause a violent rush to the audience. Imagine that you are matching two brands of cars: BMW and Mercedes. Each of these brands has its own army of fans. Therefore, do not be surprised when the section "Comments" after your post-comparison will be filled to capacity. By the way, recently we just had such a post: Pinterest vs. Google+: battlefield - visual content.

22. Post containing quotes

Quotes are very popular with the social media community. Surely, your VKontakte friends use various aphorisms in statuses or publish them on their wall. Quite often, these statements just touch the soul and inspire new achievements. Not surprisingly, posts with quotes, as a rule, very quickly gain a bunch of likes and share.

23. Post podcast

The boom of podcasting was observed several years ago, and now it is being revived. Modern technologies maximally simplify the process of creating podcasts. You can sound not only new content, but also earlier articles. Your old content will start to sound new on another medium. Podcasts, like audiobooks, are very user friendly. Your customers can download them to their player and listen in transport, while cleaning or walking.

24. Post-decryption

Post-decoding can be called the opposite of a post-podcast. After all, in this case, we carry out the reverse process: we turn video and audio files into text. Представьте, что вы находитесь на конференции, на которой будут выступать самые влиятельные эксперты вашей отрасли. Разумеется, вы не сможете запомнить и записать все их идеи, поэтому лучшее решение - использовать диктофон. Когда у вас на руках уже будет готовый аудиофайл, вы сможете сами расшифровать его или привлечь для этой цели стороннего специалиста. И наконец, последний, шаг - создать контент, отражающий ключевые идеи конференции, которую вы посетили.Of course, in your post you will need to refer to the authors of a particular presentation.

25. Post as part of an e-book

You can combine your posts on a specific topic and turn them into an e-book. An e-book is a great way to promote your content. You can go to the trick: offer your customers to subscribe to your newsletter in exchange for an e-book that contains valuable information.

Let's sum up

So, we have presented you some of the most effective ways to deliver content. In fact, there are many more of them, because blogging is a field of activity that provides a wide scope for creativity. Among the huge variety of formats you can choose those that are best suited for the implementation of your marketing strategy. You can use them individually or combine some of them in one post (for example, create a post list and include photos and quotes). You decide.

By submitting content in various formats, you will certainly increase the traffic and the number of your subscribers in social networks. So, act, be creative and do not give your competitors any chance.

Translation and adaptation of the material of Jeff Bullas 20

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