How are business bosses looking at and how are their employees?

Business is a cruel thing. Employees of the company are sure that in most cases the manager shows unfounded rigidity towards them. And the manager is sure that none of his subordinates in his life had ever experienced such zhestkachthat he experiences almost every day, settling crises and hanging problems for himself that no one but himself can solve for some reason. Many things look different from the point of view of the leader and from the point of view of its employees. Want to know which ones and how? In the truth that we are going to open in this article, I don’t want to believe, it is cruel, like the business itself. But, nevertheless, it is true.

Do you know how to become leaders? One day the African American knocks on your door and with an insidious smirk of knowing you are invited to choose a pill: red or blue. You choose blue - you remain an ordinary person, no new knowledge is revealed to you, white is white for you, bad is bad for you, and business is a system of enslavement of millions of average people, a form of modern slavery - office. All your emotions and thoughts remain with you: you know that in your soul you are a gentle and intelligent person, capable of much, admiring the beauty of nature, believing in friendship and selflessness, loving and loved, a person who sometimes gets from a faceless, like a gray mouse , a dry and soulless chief (what to get from him: he doesn’t see anything except his work, he doesn’t understand how deeply and sensitive a person you really are).

But if you choose red, everything changes for you. And forever. You will never see ordinary people in people, with their excusable weaknesses. Humanity as a whole will appear before you in a crowd of presumptuous and ambitious homunculi who want to work less and get more. From now on, the purpose of your life is to organize processes that optimize the activities of these homunculi, whether they like it or not. And you can truly appreciate, love and respect each individual homunculus only if it has high intelligence and efficiency. It is difficult to choose the red pill. This requires courage and inexhaustible spiritual energy. The person who chooses the red pill deserves sympathy because he is alone among the opposing circumstances. But it is not necessary to feel sorry for him - he is whatever he pleases, but only not pathetic.

Valuable homunculus is distinguished by high intelligence and performance ...

Things that employees and their managers look at differently


For an employee, employment in a company is a way of earning money to increase your personal wealth.

For a manager, a business is the construction of a system that increases the company's profitability and then personal wealth.

For whom of them is their company a cash cow? Very difficult question, is not it?


The employee, taking off the money earned by him at an ATM, feels that this money smells of his own sweat and blood. He earned them honestly, and sometimes he thinks that he earned even more than he received.

The manager knows that the money of each employee is watered with brine of sweat, blood and tears of the whole team. He would like to pay a specialist more if he is good. And if the boss does not do this, then the numbers in the financial statements of the company stop him.


The employee is often convinced that the numerous battles arranged by the manager only distract from the work. “The boss has increased volatility today,” subordinates sigh, lagging behind the third planning day.

The head conducts flyers because he sees: his team doesn't understand what the hell they want. The boss will stop pursuing them only when he is convinced that his ideas are understood by everyone and correctly. For the leader, this is a question of communication. He wants to be understood (realizing how difficult it is to achieve this). The employee is afraid to understand the boss, moreover, in the neglected case, he resists the emergence of this understanding. Because to understand and do everything in accordance with this understanding is to leave the comfort zone. There is nothing more difficult for an ordinary person.

Delays at work

Employees think that their boss has a shower that is not there if they are not sitting in the office until late.

The head does not dream of stealing the personal time of a subordinate, he does not need him to linger after work, he needs to be able to quickly and efficiently carry out all his affairs within the framework of the working day. On the contrary, the boss would like the staff to go home on time (after a job well done) and live there, outside the office, happy. A contented personal existence specialist is one of the pillars of an effective business.

Attitude to people

For an ordinary person, an office employee, mankind is a flower garden consisting of many categories: good and not very good, lending and fundamentally non-giving, wealthy and poor, with or without ties, fools and intellectuals, Muslims and Buddhists who are useful in life and useless etc

The boss knows how diverse the flower garden is, but all his representatives, however, are divided into four categories for him:

  1. smart and hardworking
  2. stupid and hardworking
  3. smart and lazy
  4. stupid and lazy

He naturally dreams that all his subordinates belong to the first category. But he understands that the picture of the world in this situation would be close to science fiction. Smart and hardworking - rarely found in nature individuals. As a rule, they are delayed as mercenaries for a short time, after some time they leave for their business. In reality, the boss has to deal with only the last three categories of people. And whoever his subordinate is, the boss keeps him because he considers at the moment the least evil for his company.


Almost every employee who has worked for more than a year in the company takes the boss's confidence in himself for self-confidence. And almost every one of the specialists somewhere deep inside himself is convinced that he is a super professional in his field.

The leader is not required to confirm his right to be confident in himself so much that it seems overwhelming. As soon as the boss allows himself to doubt his decisions, he will lose control of the business and will not be able to feed his homunculi. As long as he thinks about solving a problem, he can doubt as much as he can, bearing a solution is long and difficult. But as soon as he voiced it, it makes no sense to doubt him. It is impossible to jump over a ravine by 99%: you will begin to hesitate at the last moment - you will fall into the abyss. All this does not mean that he does not consult with his team. But the responsibility for making the final decision still lies only with him.

The concept of "good leader"

A good boss, from the point of view of the employee, should be benevolent, enter his position, letting go from work early, correct his mistakes, suggest how to do the job better and close his eyes to the fact that he is not always effective and in a mood (well, you never know: the head hurts, I didn’t get enough sleep, the cat died, I scolded with my wife, my jeans got dirty on the subway).

From the point of view of a leader, a good leader is a person who efficiently organizes business processes, forcing the team to work at the maximum level of power to achieve the goals of the company. The tragedy of a good leader is that he understands: no one can enter his position.


The employee believes that big money will bring him happiness.

A manager knows that money, if it doesn't work, is just paper. For him, they are just a tool. Happiness bring him other things.

Money can not buy happiness. But the boss does not tell this truth to the employee, because he will pragmatically notice this: "Freak" - and still will not believe it.


Efficiency of employees understand this: you need to have time to do as many cases as possible in the shortest possible period of time.

Efficiency from the point of view of a manager is the fulfillment of affairs that bring profit to a business and the minimum waste of time on affairs that generate a hole in the budget (there are cases for which it is inexpedient to spend more than a certain amount of man hours from a business perspective).


The employee hates rudeness on the part of the boss, and rightly so.

A good boss is rude only when all other arguments have been exhausted, and only to those who will really act as a motivator.

And one more thing: a good boss knows how to apologize, since for him the personal interests of an employee are something that must be protected first of all, after the interests of the company, of course.

When the boss is really wrong

The employee has a legitimate reason to be offended and must protest the manager, having reasonably justified his point of view.

A really good leader can admit mistakes.


The employee is confident that the company's success has a huge contribution, success is almost his personal merit, and defeat is a consequence of the fact that others make a file after the file, kids and crap.

The boss understands that the success of the company depends on the team, and the defeat depends only on himself.

Which side is true?

If you look at the moon from the earth, it seems to be one, and if from orbit it is completely different. It's all about the points of view.

The boss once was also an ordinary person. And he remembers that it’s just being an employee (hard work). He understands the psychology of his subordinate, knows his love for procrastination and the whole system of internal excuses for this. Yes, he understands everything. He just has a different picture of the world, he thinks in other categories. In a word, he understands, but does not accept, that is why he chose the red pill.

Money smells of sweat and blood. The road to success is paved with sacrifices from both sides. Perhaps in modern business, where the number of simultaneous and complex processes is overwhelmingly large, success is achieved by those who are guided by other principles of management, or build a communication system. And then the revelation of mutual understanding descends on everyone, and business suddenly (from the outside, it seems that it goes without saying) reaches its singularity point, after which effective processes begin to unfold and a true success story is written.

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