Evergreen content: how to create what will be read for years

You have your own blog or public on social networks. You constantly share useful information with readers. Do you want it to remain relevant the next day, in a year, in five years?

Create evergreen content!

Such content does not become outdated for a long time and provides traffic, likes and reposts. For SEO is also an obvious plus - the top positions in the search results after years of publication. To do this, periodically update the content and make sure that it meets the needs of the target audience.

It is necessary to invest effort, time and money in the work on evergreen content, and it pays off:

  • the site receives consistently high attendance, rather than short-term bursts of activity, when a fleeting trend is being discussed;
  • people comment on such content, increases the activity of the audience;
  • the number of links to the site is growing;
  • user loyalty remains at a very high level, many of them become "brand advocates";
  • content is shared with others.

Formats and criteria for evergreen content

Main formats:

  1. Text blog article, longrid.
  2. White Paper (white paper) in pdf, djvu, fb2, etc.
  3. Images, presentations in PowerPoint or SlideShare, infographics.
  4. Sites with interactive content, lessons.
  5. Posts in social networks.
  6. Audio podcasts.
  7. YouTube video.

"Evergreen" are not:

  1. Annual ratings.
  2. Reviews of new programs and gadgets.
  3. Statistical data.
  4. Articles on political themes and analytics.
  5. Information about promotions and holidays.
  6. Reviews of trends, new technologies, fashion.
  7. Materials and news "of this day."

The process of creating evergreen content

  1. Study the interests of the audience:
    • analyze search phrases using Google Trends and Yandex WordStat:
    • The popularity of requests for copywriting is steady. And about spinners, perhaps, no more writing.

    • Check the forums where your audience has gathered for the topics discussed year after year. For SEO-shnik, for example, this is the immortal forum of Searhengines, for furniture makers - MebForum;
    • learn what is popular with your competitors, what formats they use, how content is distributed;
    • read what is written on foreign sites - there may easily be something that we do not yet have, but it will be relevant. For example, KISSmetrics blogs on analytics and advertising, Copyblogger on copywriting and content marketing and Shopify for e-commerce professionals;
    • analyze what materials are most often distributed in social networks;
    • ask readers on your blog what kind of content they want to see, or arrange such a survey in your public.
  1. Based on the information collected, make a plan of publications with their release dates, format, location and distribution method.
  2. Revise your content and update what's possible.
  3. Tell us about the updated materials in social networks.
  1. Start creating evergreen content. Analyze how it is studied, how well it is distributed. Make calls to action on the pages with him, offer to subscribe to the newsletter. If it is obvious that it works poorly, do not be afraid to change the theme, format, style and everything else.

The reader may ask the question: "I already have content. How can I" plant it in trees? ".

You need:

  • rewrite outdated paragraphs or whole sections of the text, add new ones;
  • make linking, add links to updated content;
  • rewrite the title taking into account keywords - for example, insert “2018” instead of “2017” and thereby mark the trend for the next year;
  • check the text for SEO requirements and make changes. Rewrite metadata with new keywords;
  • update the publication date or remove it completely so that the content is “timeless”.
  • bring the article to the top of the list of publications;
  • make promotional posts in all available social networks;
  • track positions in search engines, as well as the frequency of conversions in non-search traffic sources.

Types of evergreen content

FAQ (question-answer)

Audio podcasts


Wiki pages


Stories (storytelling)


Consumer reviews

  • "Yandex Market"
  • Otzovik




User Guides / Instructions



Dictionaries of terms

  • Copywriter Dictionary
  • Glossary of terms from SEOPult



Resource List Pages



Humor / satire

Quality criteria

For evergreen content to work, it must meet some criteria:

Quality of material, i.e. interest, benefit and relevance to the needs of the audience.

An article that fully answers regular questions does not lose its relevance.

Correctly selected title. Not necessarily catchy - as long as he reveals the essence of the article and points to those to whom it is addressed.

Sometimes there is an indication in the title that there will be a list in the article: the reader can read the text diagonally and choose the right one.

Convenience of reading. If the reader sees the text-bitch without paragraphs, headings and subheadings, lists, images, tables, etc., he is unlikely to read it.

If you work on the layout of the text, the result will be appropriate.

Orientation to behavioral factors. Evergreen content works to keep the user's attention, to cause the desire to read other publications, and eventually spend more time on the site.

Of course, this is taken into account by search engines, the site receives an increase in position in the search results. There are not just articles, but whole sites where you can stay for a long time.

Slow content obsolescence. Articles about the second headline in Yandex.Direct or about a paid subscription for listening to music in the VC mobile version will be read, but not even two weeks.

Developers will come up with another innovation, and all the attention will switch to relevant materials.

Add evergreen content to your niche!

  1. "Industry" - scanned or printed in the pdf-format of the product passport, drawings, samples of technical tasks.
  2. "Furniture" - assembly instructions, drawings.
  3. "Household appliances and electronics" - tips on choosing a stove, washing machine, refrigerator, TV.
  4. "Medicine" - vaccination calendars and medical examinations, prescriptions for medicines.
  5. "Pet Shop" - materials for the care, feeding and treatment of domestic animals.
  6. "Auto and Moto" - a tire calculator, forms for the selection of body parts.
  7. "Repair and construction" - tips on choosing wallpaper, linoleum, leveling corners, on priming walls.
  8. "Sport" - exercise techniques, nutrition tips, training programs for different muscle groups.
  9. "Cooking" - recipes, tips from chefs.
  10. "Tourism" - guides on cultural and historical sights, tips for tourists.

The main thing - without fanaticism! Adhere to the "golden mean" - publish and topical, and long-playing materials.

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