9 errors that inhibit the promotion of the channel in Yandex.DZen

You have opened this article, so most likely you have a channel in Yandex.DZen. And, probably, today it still does not collect hundreds of thousands of visitors per day, it does not bring you a good income and subscribers. Know that you are not alone in your problem.

Looking at a few dozen channels of beginning authors, I found 9 errors that prevent them from being among the lucky ones we wrote about recently.

Throwing from one topic to another

It will be much easier for the Yandex.Dzen service algorithm to find you an audience if all the articles on the channel are in the same subject. That is, for example, alternating cooking recipes with collections of the best cars with a mileage of 300,000 rubles is not a good idea.

This is especially detrimental in the first weeks of the channel’s life when the robot is actively looking at it.

In addition, the platform has such an attractive thing for authors as “Top Channels”, which can be viewed in a mobile application. The catalog is divided into topics, for example: "Auto", "House", "Celebrities", etc.

Each rubric includes the top 50 channels. You will be able to get there faster if the algorithm has no problems with determining the rubric for your channel.

But this does not mean that if you write about cooking, then nothing can be added except a new recipe for cheesecakes. Why not dilute the tape with an overview of a recently read book or watched movie? You are welcome. Especially since this may appeal to your target audience.

But I do not advise to alternate reviews of wine with a mini-manual on repairing the outlet or a collection of historical facts. The hottest target audience will be slower to gather around your channel, and the algorithm is unlikely to spoil the show.

Boring headers

Headlines are a headache for all Yandex.Den authors. Each time before publishing an article, they have a difficult choice:

  1. Add a little more intrigue with the risk to please under clickbate.
  2. Write the most neutral headline and lose because of this a significant proportion of readers, skipping ahead risky competitors.

How to be? My experience on the platform shows that it’s not so difficult to stop being afraid of clickbate. The main thing is not to lie to your readers. If you have interesting material, then a couple of catchy facts from the article in the title is enough to ensure her success. And no beautiful adjectives with exclamations are needed.

Let's imagine that you are a big fan of automotive history. And here you come across an article with the following title:

Surely, if it was called "Trabant 601" or "Trabant 601 - people's car from the GDR", it would have collected much less views. But the plastic body (why not the metal?) And the lack of a fuel pump (how did the fuel flow into the engine?) Increase interest.

You could still play with the facts. The most interesting fact you can find about the Trabant 601 is its edibility. In one of the films of Emir Kusturica, the body of a small car was eaten by a pig.

However, this formula is not suitable for each case. Moreover, even the most boring headline can not prevent the success of some articles. Just about this and talk in the next paragraph.

Worn Articles Topics

Even a very young channel can immediately get a large number of impressions if its author writes unique material that has not yet “glowed” on the platform, but readers will like it and will be in demand.

Let's say this is a simple example from the Energofixic channel. He is led by an electrical engineer who was one of the first to write an article on a fairly simple, but as it turned out, many people are concerned about whether it is possible to leave the charger in the outlet.

Impressive performance, isn't it? After that, a whole bunch of authors tried to “tear off their piece of cake” by posting articles with a similar title and the same message.

Of course, they did not succeed. The only exception to this rule can be called a situation where you see that you can further explore the topic and add interesting facts. But here we need an author's, expert approach, and not a simple desire to “get close to the trend.”

I have often noticed how new channels spy on experienced colleagues and rewrite their most successful articles. Often losing much in quality and to no avail.

Useless design

And now we go to the "inner kitchen". Many authors completely ignore the rules of registration, not to mention some kind of editorial policy.

Their articles are one continuous sheet of text, not even divided into paragraphs. There are no subtitles, highlighting key points, etc. If they use tools like italics or underlines, it is not systemic, and it hurts the eyes.

Note that on average, readers spend no more than 2 minutes on one article in Yandex.Dzen. Most likely, they will not put up with poor design, try to master the article.

The same situation with the pictures. They are not related to the topic, poor quality, too many or few.

No contact with readers

According to the rules of the Yandex.Dzen service it is forbidden to ask readers to click on ad units. But no one forbids you to offer to subscribe to the channel or leave links to your other materials that you would recommend on this topic.

Not so long ago, the authors of the platform had the opportunity to include comments on articles. This is very convenient because you can get feedback from readers and engage in conversation with them.

It is thus easy to show that you are a real person and are open to dialogue. Thus, the channel forms its own community and the number of subscribers increases.

In addition, the algorithm likes articles with a large number of comments and active discussion.

The authors' mistake is that they turn off comments at all, ignore them and do not even leave at the end of the article the rubber phrase "if you liked, you can put a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel".

On the other hand, and overdo it and not worth it. Three requests for a subscription for two paragraphs - frankly annoying.

Rare publications

One of the main success factors in Yandex.DZen is regular publishing. At a minimum, you need to post 3 articles per week in order for you to update the author’s karma.

But if you set ambitious goals, you want hundreds of thousands of views and stable high earnings, you will have to write more often and more. Most likely, once a couple of days or even every day.

Granted, this is very hard. But getting a good return on your channel will only come out when it becomes not a Sunday hobby for you, but a full-fledged work.

Ignoring the interests of the audience

Seen gunpowder, the authors know that in addition to one main topic, such as "Auto", the channels are also divided into microcircuits.

Suppose we have two channels about cars. On one thing, we give out tips on how to fix the hub yourself or get rid of "mushrooms" on the edge of the hood. On the second channel, we write more about the little-known and rare cars of the past.

And if we drastically change their places, filling up the “historical” channel with manuals for repair and vice versa, we will see how the CTR of the articles began to decline regularly. And this is logical, because some readers are waiting for us new life hacking, and get stories about retro cars.

Can they cohabit on the same channel? Completely, but in the ratio of 70 to 30. Say, why not put on the channel about the repair of cars material about the rare "Moskvich" from the 70s with automatic transmission, which you saw last week in AZLK museum?

Bottom line: we adhere to one micro-theme that you like the most and finds a response from the audience, but from time to time we add articles on related areas in order to further increase the coverage and attract a new audience.

Only one publication format

I meet channels whose authors use only one format of publications and completely ignore the others. That is, the whole channel is packed exclusively with articles or only narratives.

Most often it is the narratives. They take less time, so the author manages to make 2-3 pieces per hour. Approximately so much it would take one article (not too complicated).

But with the help of cards it’s hard to tell the whole story, and they don’t look very good on the desktops. In addition, according to my personal observations, narratives gain noticeably less impressions than articles.

On the other hand, if you need to write a short post, then it is more profitable to make it in the format of a narrative, than to write an article that will be read in less than 40 seconds.

The channel is too competitive

Yandex.DZen is a unique platform. The capabilities of the algorithm allow you to find the target audience for any topic. For example, articles about the new method of growing cucumbers can get 10, 20 and more thousand views.

It is easy to find in the catalog successful channels of summer residents, electricians, craftsmen, etc. But at the same time, many novice authors immediately try to break into such popular topics as cars, movies, celebrities or fitness to take possible readers by quantity, not by uniqueness and quality of the material.

And this is a mistake, because now it will take much more time to pass the monetization threshold in the same automotive theme. From my practice I can say that in March 2018 I needed only one quality article. In early February of this year, I started another car channel and started adding 4-5 articles per week to it.

Of the 12 articles, only one scored more than 2,000 views and over 20,000 hits. For three weeks, the channel was unable to pass the threshold of 7,000 readings to enable the monetization program.

Therefore, it is better to keep the channel in a narrower, but well-known and interesting subject for yourself, than to try to “speculate” on a popular topic, to compete with a huge number of channels.


If you have started a channel in Yandex.DZen for yourself and do not set any goals for it, then you can safely ignore everything that you have just read. And if you want to surpass successful authors and make your way to the top of the catalog, then you will have to try hard.

But it's worth it, because now only this platform gives authors a chance to show their materials to the target audience and earn money without having their own website and other popular sites.

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