How to use Instagram business card: 7 ideas for business

What is Name Tags?

Now you do not need to dictate a friend's username, with dashes, hyphens and "es like a dollar." Nametags is a business card with which you can subscribe to your Instagram profile.

How does the Instagram business card section work?

Open the "Business card" section in the application and hover over the object to instantly get a link to this account:

A profile description will appear:

If you are already subscribed to a profile, Instagram will kindly inform you about this:

Create your business card? Choose from several backgrounds:

Selfies - to create a design with your own image:

What business opportunities do Nametags provide?

The most important advantage is an easy transition from offline to online. Now it’s enough to print your Instagram business card and place it in the right place so that users can instantly become your subscribers.

Instagram business card: ideas for posting

  1. Print mass-media. You can place your business card in magazines and newspapers, in advertising leaflets and other products.
  2. Business Cards. The most banal idea, but why not? Print Nametags instead of regular business cards.
  3. Outdoor advertising. Place business cards on banners, posters, city lights and city stops. The same ad, just switching to your business profile will be easier. Offer your customers a discount for a subscription, if you have a local shop or cafe, place Nametags near the entrance to your establishment.
  1. Branded products. Use Instagram business cards when making souvenirs: for sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, etc. Give them to partners and customers.
  2. Discount Coupons. Saw the colorful discount coupons, which, along with checks give in Burger King - why not come up with something like Nametags?
  3. Public transport. In the subway, bus or taxi - place Nametags wherever your potential customers are.
  4. Directly on product prices. If you have a multi-brand store, with the help of Nametags you can transfer the client to the Instagram brand - it will work as social proof.

The laconic minimalistic design of Instagram business cards will help you to decorate anything: a stand, a signboard, a business card, an advertising booklet. Find your subscribers offline and engage in your Instagram! If you come up with other ways to use Nametags, or you don’t like our ideas, we appreciate your comments.

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