Updated Telegram: chats are gradually turning into channels

The first Telegram update this year has proven useful for chat administrators. They have more authority to control the content that subscribers broadcast.

Restrictions of the participants

If someone starts spamming with stickers or gifs, you can simply turn off this type of message.

  1. Go to the channel settings.
  1. Select the "Permissions" option.
  1. Set the necessary restrictions. You can save chat not only from gifs, but also from any media files, polls and even messages. Only administrators can write, which actually turns the chat into a telegram channel.

Restrict the capabilities of the participants is possible only in the mobile version of the messenger. In the web version of this function yet.

Undelete content

To be honest, not completely thought out function. The developers added the ability to recover deleted messages, but only in the first 5 seconds. Then everything finita. Seriously, 5 seconds is very short. It is unlikely that someone will practice in the removal-recovery chats on speed. And if the chat was deleted by mistake, in 5 seconds not everyone will even have time to figure out what happened.

The button for canceling the deletion was hidden in the farthest corner, just like the timer (I don’t understand why it is needed at all. If you follow it, you miss the precious 5 seconds).

Double max chat capacity

Now you can add not 100, but as many as 200 thousand people. Another innovation that is not very clear to me. Who needs such big chats and how to communicate there if in a second your message drowns under dozens of new ones? For channels, this number of participants is justified, but here ...

However, they did and did, it will not become worse from this anyway (as for me - and a hundred thousand for the chat is prohibitively much).

What else have changed

  • Added sorting of contacts alphabetically and the time of the last visit.
  • Accelerated loading media files. Loaded photos are now displayed as blurry thumbnails, not empty squares.
  • In the desktop version of Telegram, there are various options for displaying Emoji - for iOS, Android, Twemoji and EmojiOne (the difference between them is minimal, so another update is for a tick.

In general, everything is characteristic of Telegram - out of the whole pack of updates, two or three are really useful, the rest will not be noticed by the majority. As long as everything goes according to plan. The demiurge "Telegram" Pavel Durov recently said that the year 2019 will be the most important for the messenger in its history. Most likely, he had in mind the launch of his own blockchain platform TON, scheduled for spring. The start of the project was repeatedly postponed, but this time everything is serious, writes The Bell referring to the @Tgram channel. The platform is 90% ready, and a test network audit is scheduled for February.

Durov himself did not confirm or deny this news. Completely in his style - the creator of "Telegram" never advertises what is not yet.

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