Creating images for social networks: dimensions, watermarks, tools, examples

If you are promoting a company or a personal brand on social networks, it is important that the pictures on all pages look appropriate, do not lose quality and convey an idea. It is useful to know the correct sizes, formats, requirements and tools for creating and searching images.

In the article we consider:

  • The correct size of avatars, covers, images for publications and other images for Facebook, "VKontakte", "Classmates", Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.
  • Services for creating images and photo stocks with free or cheap pictures for business.
  • Tips on how to put watermarks, and when it is needed.
  • Examples for inspiration.

The article is designed for beginners.


It is important to adhere to the visual format of social networks, because the images smaller than the required size stretch and lose sharpness, and the larger - shrink and lose quality. If the image has an incorrect ratio of width and height, it is cropped in an unexpected place.


Profile picture

Download an image of 180x180 px. The profile photo of the personal page on the computer is displayed in the size of 160x160 px, of the managed page - 170x170 px. In the feed and comments avatar is displayed in the form of a circle.


The best size for download depends on the design and information on the cover.

The cover of the personal page on the computer will be displayed in the size of 851x315 px, the managed page - 820x312 px, the group - 820x250 px. Events - 500x262 px. On the smartphone, the proportions will change - 640x360 px. That is, if you downloaded the 851x315, or 2.7 to 1, the picture on the smartphone will be cut off and displayed in a ratio of 1.8 to 1.

Post image

Download 1200x630 px. When displayed in the ribbon, the horizontal image will decrease to 470 px in width, the aspect ratio will remain. The vertical image will decrease to 394 px in height, the aspect ratio will remain.

Picture to external links

Load the 1200x630 px image into the "og: image" field. The tape on the computer will appear as 470x246 px. Facebook advises the size of 1200x630 px, so that the picture is better displayed on high-resolution monitors. Do not upload a picture less than 470x246 px, because it will appear as a small 158x158 px square with text. Also a small square will appear if there is an error in the "og: image" field.

  • Facebook tips for profile photo and cover sizes
  • Tips on pictures to external links (4 points)

According to Facebook, the fastest loading file is an sRGB png file with a size of 851x315 px, which weighs less than 100 KB. The limit on the volume - 8 MB. The format that will preserve quality is PNG.

We select the cover for Facebook

Perhaps this is the most complex visual element of the page. For different types of pages - different parameters, aspect ratios and the location of the profile photo on the page and the smartphone.

Let's start with a bad example. So I uploaded a photo of 4032x3021 px, without thinking about how it would look on different devices.

So my profile on the PC looks like:

Nothing special, but for a personal non-commercial page, it will do.

And so on the smartphone:

I did not take into account that the picture will be cropped at the edges, and the profile photo will climb into the middle. This is very bad. Do not do so, consider the features of the formats.

But to create a cover for the managed page and group, I decided not to rely on myself anymore. I took the Canva service template, he suggests making a 628x315 px cover.

Managed page on PC

On smartphone

Group on PC

On smartphone

With this size, the cover page on the personal page and on the group page will not fit a bit. When downloading from a computer, you will have to choose a location, and a small part of the picture will be cut off. But for a managed page, this is the ideal size.

There is still an optimal cover size according to Buffer, a service for scheduling social media posts. And this is 820x462 px:

You can download their template for photoshop in PSD format.

"In contact with"


Download a 200 by 300 px image. Or 2 to 3, but not more than 600x900 px. The computer displays in the size of 200x300 px. The thumbnail is displayed in a circle with a diameter of 200 px. If you upload a larger image, it will appear when you click on an avatar.

Group cover

Download an image of 1590x400 px. The computer displays in size 795x200 px.

Picture for posting

Download picture 510x 510 px. (width: 510, length: less than or equal to 510 px) If you upload a larger picture, but proportionally similar, it will be great too. When displayed in a ribbon, the vertical image will shrink to 510 px in height, the horizontal image to 510 px in width. The aspect ratio of the picture will remain.

Here is what VK support says

Picture to external links

Load a 537x240 px image in the "og: image" field or in a ratio of 2.23 to 1. In "VKontakte", the image will be compressed to 537x240 px. Aspect ratios are important. If the image is square or vertical, it will be cropped.

  • VK support for VKontakte image sizes

Avatar size in "VKontakte"

If on Facebook, the main headache is the cover, then on VKontakte this is an avatar. First, the real maximum size of the avatar in "VKontakte" does not even suspect those. support.

But here's a duck 200x500 px. She calmly displayed:

Check further:

Okay, load the duck size 200x300 px:

Quite nice. We agree that 200x300 px is a really good size. Moreover, after you add a cover to the page, the size of the avatar stops worrying, since only a thumbnail remains of it:

External link image

If you compare it with a picture for an external link in the Facebook feed, it appears more elongated in the VKontakte feed. Instead of 470x246 px on the FB, it has the parameters 537x240 px. So, it will be more trimmed above and below. Make sure that the important information is not missing from the picture.

It looks like a picture in the tape "VKontakte"

It looks like the original on the site animalsglobe

We keep the quality of images in "VKontakte"

To prevent quality loss, VK support advises you not to upload a picture by opening a file on the site, but by dragging a file from a folder on your computer to the downloader.

More tips on how to design VK groups in the Texterra manual.


Profile or group photo

Download an image of 288x288 px.

Group topic

Consists of three parts:

  • The main image is 1340x320 px;
  • Cover theme for the catalog - 240x90 px;
  • Repeating page background - 320x320 px.

Post image

Download an image of 1024x768 px.

When displayed in the ribbon, the horizontal image will decrease to 548 px in width, the aspect ratio will remain.

The vertical will decrease to 411 px in height, the aspect ratio will remain.

Tips for group design.

How to put your group theme in "Classmates"

Only official groups and groups with more than 10,000 participants can add their own themes.

Information about official groups.

To install a theme, it is convenient to use the OkTools extension. After installation, it will appear in the list at the top of the page. There we select "Themes" and create our own.

To make the theme look beautiful, it is VERY important to follow the recommendations provided by the OK support team:

Use a 1340x320 px image for the background of the theme, up to 120 KB; for a repeating page background - 320x320 px, up to 50 KB; for the cover of the theme for the catalog - 240x90 px, up to 30 KB.

Everything must be carefully thought out. Randomly selected pictures do not add up to the correct topic. The top image should seamlessly "flow" into the background, with no visible joints.

When displayed on a computer, a part of the picture will be closed by the contents of the group. Fully visible will remain the top of the image with a height of 140 px. Therefore, everything important should be located at the top.

If the background requirements are not met, it may not pass the test, and you will receive an alert with reasons for refusal.


Profile picture

Upload a 110x110 px picture. The photo will be displayed in a circle.

Post image

Upload a 1080x1080 px picture. It is not necessary to upload a square picture, but it is desirable. If you upload a non-square image, then the ideal width is 1080 px and the length is from 566 to 1350 px. In the web version, photos will be displayed in size 291x291 px. When compressed in Instagram, the image will decrease to 640 px. A 600x600 px image will open in the web version.

Picture for Stories

Upload a picture size of 1080x1920 px. Other sizes available. The main thing is to keep the proportion 9:16. For example, 900x1600 px will do.

When choosing a logo, remember that the picture will take a round shape:

Source: Instagram / natgeo

Therefore, make sure that the important parts of the picture and the text are not located in the corners. Especially if you put a logo.

Instagram is better to upload square photos

Why? When showing in profile, even the most beautiful photos can be cropped unsuccessfully. For example, hot beauties on the beaches of Phuket may have a head gap.

If the square does not suit you, and you want a beautiful ribbon, upload horizontal photos of the same size.

If you upload a non-square photo, Instagram will first suggest cutting it to a square.

This is the part that appears in the profile.

Usually, cropping photos is not critical, but when you run an online store account, and the price is indicated at the "long" photo at the top, the client will not see it if it does not open the full picture.

Non-square images in the tape are unsuccessfully cropped. Source: Instagram / malishpsih

Non-square horizontal images of the same size look good. Source: Instagram / vitalykovalevich


Profile picture

Download an image of 400x400 px. The profile picture on the computer will appear as a 200px circle in diameter.


Upload an image size of 1500x500 px. So he advises Twitter and all editors who have a Twitter cover template. However, when displayed on a computer, the cover is shown as 1900 by 500. And this is no longer 3 to 1, but 19 to 5.

Post image

Download 1024x512 px. When displayed in the ribbon, the image will be reduced to 506 px in width. A proportion of 2 to 1 will be maintained. The vertical will decrease to 506 px in height and width, become square. Therefore, if you want to put a vertical image, when shown in the tape, it will be uniformly cut from the top and bottom. If you click on the picture, it will open without trimming.


Profile picture

Download an image of 165x165 px. It will appear in the circle, so make sure that the most important is in the center.

Picture for pin

Upload pictures of 600x900 px or 2 to 3 aspect ratio. On a computer, the picture will be compressed to 238 px wide.

The proportions are maintained as long as the aspect ratio is approximately 1 to 1 to 1 to 3.5. If the photo is more elongated, the service will cut it on a common page, and the full version will be available upon click. Maximum opening width - 735 px.

Picture for board / album

Upload pictures of 600x900 px or 2 to 3 aspect ratio. Many sources indicate that you need to upload a 238 px wide picture, but this is not true.

As Darcy, a member of the Pinterest expert community, explains, if you upload a 238 px image, then when you open it, you use less than half the allowable area. And in the case of Pinterest, where users come just for the visually attractive full-size material, this is a crime.

  • Instructions on how to make great Pin'y (in English)
  • Pinterest official video for business (in English)


Profile picture

Download an image of 300x300 px. In the personal profile will be displayed in the circle, on the company page - in the square 130x130 px.

Cover photo

Download 1584x396 px for a personal page and 1536x768 px for a company page.

Post image

Download an image of 1200x627 px.

When displayed in the ribbon, the picture will shrink to 520x272 px. If you upload pictures of other sizes, the horizontal ones will shrink to 520 px in width, and the vertical ones - to 510 px in height. Proportions will remain.

Picture to external links

Download an image of 1200x627 or 520x272 px. The aspect ratio should be 1.91 to 1. The width should exceed 200 px.

In the new design of LinkedIn, the cover of the company is clipped.

When choosing a cover, the service recommends uploading a 1536x768 image, and then ruthlessly cutting it from the top and bottom. The computer displays a picture height of 220 px, the rest is cropped:

Why does the service advise exactly 1536x768? It will be beautiful when viewed from a smartphone. Therefore, downloading the cover page in LinkedIn, you must check the result on both the computer and the smartphone.



Watermarks are needed when you want to protect images. When is that:

  1. photo for photo stocks that you plan to sell;
  2. valuable reportage frame, and you want to sell it.

Accordingly, if you maintain pages of photo stocks or share frames on the pages for sale, they need to be protected. For such purposes, translucent labels duplicated throughout the photo or a large watermark stretched over the entire image area are used.

Source: iStockPhoto

Source: Adobe Stock

Watermarking is an excellent defense, although there are many ways to get around it. The fight against removing watermarks recently entered Google. The developers have created an algorithm that removes the watermarks in batches. Google also took care of protecting photos from such algorithms. To do this, watermark needs, for example, to stretch differently in each image, or to introduce an element of randomness into the algorithm for applying watermarks. The difference will not be obvious to the eyes, but it will not be possible to remove the mark completely, and traces will remain in the picture.

Source: Google Research Blog

Watermarks are desirable if you want to make your brand popular:

  1. you are a photographer / artist / designer and use a signature for recognition;
  2. This is a commercial frame, but there is no company or product name on it.

There are rules:

  • The watermark should not overlap the image and attract too much attention.
  • No need to sculpt on the photo additional elements, such as a frame.
  • You should not put a watermark on too small and low-quality pictures.
  • It is advisable to make the watermark translucent.
  • The text should be concise and succinct: the name of the photographer, the website address, the logo.

If you are not aiming at the reader to read the watermark, and put a photo for aesthetic pleasure, you should not put a horizontal text. It is more noticeable and immediately read. We also need the signature to be visible only when the user consciously searches for it.



In some cases, the watermark will be superfluous. For example, if the photo already has a business card or the name of the product.

Great example. Much better than watermark in the photo.

Source: Advizzer

And here on the substrate for the cake put another website address:

Source: Instagram / just35sqm

In these cases, a watermark or business card is a hint for a potential buyer. They play the role of client communication with the company. For example, if a customer wants to order just such a cake, he will be able to find a manufacturer.

Watermarks can complement posters and inform:

Source: Facebook / Cafe Happiness

In other cases, you can do without a watermark.




This site alone is enough to never look for an alternative. This aggregator photo stocks. He collects pictures from 51 sites: both paid and free. Images can be searched not only by keywords, but also sorted by color, orientation, image type, etc.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful photo stock. The site says that their database contains more than 200,000 photos for free use, donated by the most generous community of photographers. At the top of the page you can select a category and search by interest.


Thematic photo stock, where you can find photos on sports topics. There are categories: workout, food and drink, yoga, diet, fitness, etc.

New old stock

Thematic photo stock, where vintage photos are collected. Finding something specific on the site is difficult, but there are a lot of atmospheric shots from the past. The average size in which you can download a photo is 1200x1200 px.

IMPORTANT: Pictures of this photo collection can be freely used only for non-commercial purposes. The site states that images can illustrate an article, publications in the media, page 404, as well as personal non-commercial projects.

But do not get carried away with photo stocks. Pictures can be beautiful, but they are not real, they do not reflect you and your brand. The user is tired of the strained smiles of models in unnatural situations, too perfect and "glossy."

Real photos evoke more emotional response. Take off your business. Draw an illustration. Create collages or infographics.

Tools for creating images


Probably the most sought-after free editor among SMM users. Advanced, with many features, but still very simple and intuitive. There is a list of ready-made templates to choose from - for almost every popular social network, except VK.

Social Media Image Maker

The coolest tool that should bookmark every SMM pager. There are templates for 16 social networks. Unfortunately, there is no "VKontakte". При выборе соцсети программа показывает зеленой подсветкой области, для которых можно создать картинку. Просто нажмите на нужную, загрузите файл и передвиньте шаблон.


Еще один простой и удобный редактор. Регистрироваться не надо. Просто заходите, создаете, скачиваете, публикуете. Справа можно выбрать один из трех форматов: вытянутый вертикальный для Pinterest, квадратный для Instagram и горизонтальный для Facebook и Twitter.

Other useful tools


A great tool to match the color range. You can choose mono-gamma, two, three or four colors, and then see how they could look in the design of the site. Often a good design is just a good combination of colors. An example of colors. Points in the second circle of the scheme can be moved in search of a favorite combination, or simply click the "Random" button.

To the right, under the color picker, you can click on “light page example” or “dark page example” to see how it looks in design. The program shows the design of the site, but you can imagine how these colors will look in a social network.


The most extensive English-speaking guide on the size of the visual elements that I saw. There's Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+. The page shows the size of the images and schematically, and in the table. The latest update date is April 19, 2017. There are differences in numbers with other sources, but they are few and insignificant.


More concise guide in size, updated more often. Last date: August 3, 2017 ...

Timeline slicer

For those who want to see how a Facebook page will look like. Go to the site, drag the pictures into the template and see if it comes out beautifully. The program is paid, but there is a test period.


Probably the easiest poster generator you have ever met. Just enter text and select a template.

The poster can be downloaded, and you can immediately post it on social networks.


Helps to make and arrange screenshots. You can blur the name, add an inscription, draw an arrow and make other useful trivia. It helps if you publish analytical data, statistics, the process of work in editors, show online activities of partners, etc.


A simple and intuitive service, where the easiest way to put a text watermark. Everything is elementary: upload an image, choose a template and place it where you need it. Watermark can be increased or decreased, play with transparency and color. You can also fill the image with watermarks. Minus - most of the fonts will only go with the Latin keyboard layout.


IPhone applications with a huge selection of tools, fonts, backgrounds, colors. Upload and add watermarks to images: your name, company name, email address or web page. The app costs 2.29 €.

There is also a free version with limited features - Marksta Lite.


I am sharing a collection of visually appealing pages where you should look at ideas and get inspiration.



A touching page that will remind you that you are hungry. Especially if you like sweet. Here you can draw ideas if you are developing in the restaurant business, are producing edible products, or simply want to present the goods in an appetizing way.


For KFC, it is typical to add pictures of Colonel Sanders - the man who founded the KFC and came up with the main recipe. From the page you can learn how to embed and use the image, make it recognizable and loved.

Jack Daniel's

And at Jack'a you can see how beautiful it is to promote alcohol or soft drinks. Perspectives, design posts with recipes, staged shots using the product in everyday situations.

Scientific educational project "Obrazovach".

The guys found a way to draw attention to science and engage Facebook users: posts have many likes and reactions, share them, and make friends in the comments. They write articles on serious topics and beat them up in publications. Draw comics, use memes. This is usually funny.

... and yes, sometimes they have errors in the texts

Probably everyone knows "Tinkoff Bank"and what kind of pictures they create there. But if you are not yet signed, then it is worth it. They react in time to the Russian and global information networks, use situational marketing, draw quickly and efficiently.



The profile owner has managed to beautifully arrange non-square frames in the tape. It's simple: it alternates horizontal and vertical pictures in white frames.


An account that advertises photo application features. Here they mainly publish frames made by users of the application. Clearly.


Milo selling educational kits for children. Here and happy children, and beautiful mothers, and bright shots with the product.


Instagram store positive underwear. Frames appropriate. Most of the content is generated by customers, exposing photos with the product and hashtag #MeUndies.


The girl organizes travel, earns her studies in America, tells mini-stories. Everything is beautiful here.


local milk

Magic profile dedicated to home cooking, travel, family and measured life. The author shows his work in detail, and it inspires.

Damn delicious

Pinterest, which helps blog owners with recipes attract more visitors. In addition to mouth-watering dishes, their names are immediately visible on the picture. So guests pages even easier to navigate in the recipes.


Etsy is a website where you can find handicrafts, vintage items and unique products. On Pinterest they have a collection of boards, for example, Etsy Finds. There are beautiful photos with products that are on the Etsy website.



Twitter page of the magazine about architecture, art and design. The guys publish 1-3 successful photos of the project, and to see the rest, you have to click on the link in tweet.


Application page for finding doctors. Publish frames that are associated with a healthy and happy life.

Health & Fitness

If you work in the fitness area, you should know: beautiful pumped up girls are still collecting subscribers.

We fix:

To pictures on social networks look good:

  • We select the correct size so that the picture does not stretch and does not shrink.
  • Observe the correct proportions separately for each network so that the picture is not cropped.
  • We adhere to one format / style.
  • We check profiles in social networks on devices with different resolutions (computer / smartphone / tablet).
  • We refuse watermarks, or put them so as not to spoil the composition.
  • We do without photo stocks or use them minimally.
  • Create and edit images using reliable programs and tools without viruses.

Watch the video: Hack to Extend Images for Social Media Covers in Photoshop (March 2020).


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