Sins for sale: how to advertise alcohol and cigarettes

In the fight for health around the world limit the advertising of certain goods and services. Both socially branded drugs or weapons, as well as most acceptable, and for some people daily alcohol and cigarettes, fall into disgrace. But the counters are not going to empty sharply. The people don't quit smoking at all, the names of the brands of the ascendant do not forget.

How, where and why to sell to gamers.

Why marketers need to pay attention to gamers Because there are so many of them. And among gamers there are people of both sexes and different ages. This alone is enough to pay close attention to them. To find out how many gamers in Russia, I turned to the press office of MediaMarkt. According to their statistics, 74.7 million users are interested in gaming in our country, whereas in the MMOG 27 million play, of which 9 regularly participate in e-sports competitions.

What can put a marketer. A brief tour of the law

In Russia, there are a number of laws that restrict freedom of expression. Their violation entails serious consequences: from fines to criminal prosecution. Read this article very carefully if you do not want to have problems with the law. Why do I need to know all this? I do not violate anything. Any information on the Internet is considered a public statement, even if almost no one visits your page.

Theory of generations: how to find a common language with any audience in advertising

What does it mean to get a portrait of the target audience? Suppose we conducted a study and realized that our products are usually purchased by people aged 30 to 40 years. But what follows from this? How should this affect the advertising message and how the site should look like? I propose to draw attention to the theory of generations created by the Americans Neily Hove and William Strauss, to shift it to the Russian reality and highlight useful points.

10 examples of provocative online advertising

How to make the media talk about an advertising campaign? What script video will be viral and disperse on the Internet? How to deal with negative comments? These and other questions will help answer the following 10 examples of scandalous advertising. This ad provoked heated discussions and controversies on the web, criticized her, and talked about it.

Why buy ads on Twitch and how?

Today I will tell you about an effective advertising platform - the Twitch streaming platform. Let us find out who is suitable for advertising on it, what formats you can order, what intricacies you should learn before negotiating with a streamer. What the ... Twitch? Twitch is a platform for broadcasting online games, or a streaming platform.