How to attract customers with free "buns": 14 working ideas

Business and marketing coaches often give small and medium business owners one recommendation: in order to attract new customers, you need to offer them something free, something they will be hard to give up. And initially this is really the right advice. Free first step perfectly removes the objection, can significantly increase conversion, allows you to warm up the "cold" audience and cause her confidence.

How changing the text affects the conversion rate: analysis of 8 simple examples with the results of real A / B tests

Michael Aagaard, a famous Danish copywriter and author of articles on the Contentverve blog, has conducted more than 250 A / B tests over the past 4 years to find out how text materials affect the conversion rate of sites. The main conclusion to which he arrived is that the texts have a direct impact on the conversion rate, and it can be accurately measured in numbers.

4 myths about conversion optimization

We like to debunk various myths that have long been rooted in Internet marketing. We already wrote about the most important SEO myth - the uniqueness of the content, we wrote about the myths in content marketing, we wrote about the myths of selling texts and the myths about the landing pages. It's time to go through the conversion. Myth number 1: about the falsity of absolute digits of conversion Ready?

How to create a conversion landing page

Site attendance is one of the most important indicators of its successful promotion. Therefore, brands spend resources to get targeted traffic. They use a variety of marketing technologies, including advertising, content marketing, SMM, Email, SEO, etc. The fight for traffic requires constant effort and investment, as potential and existing consumers always need new information.

Warmth of traffic: increase conversions, working with the needs of the audience

Imagine that you went on a date with a girl from the social network. On the avatar, she was a skinny blonde, but in reality turned out to be a full brunette. You will feel that you have been deceived. Visitors to the site feel the same when the offer on the landing page does not match what they expected to see. To determine what exactly the user needs, it is worth assessing the warmth of the traffic going to the selling page.

What can marketers learn from game developers

People love to play. In chess, in Dotu, in the strip cards. Many pay money for the game, and then do not sleep at night, pumping character. Would you like to show such interest in your business? It's simple - make it look like a game. In this article we will talk about gamification - the use of game elements in non-game processes.

Why CRM small business and what to look for when choosing

Do you often have the idea that the sales department is not working at full capacity? This is most likely the case if you do not know: how many incoming calls and requests are received every day, week or month; what stage of the sales funnel is each customer; how many leads are in each manager's job; at what stage do you most often lose customers; how many potential buyers do not become real and why.

How to resolve conflicts with customers: instructions for technical support

How to respond to negative messages so that the client not only does not disappear, but also becomes your friend? How to return the love of the user without voodoo and love spells? Disclaimer. It will be about communication in chat rooms, social networks, mail. Technical support by phone is another world that is unknown to me. Who to learn to communicate with customers I use examples from three well-known resources: 1.

12 revolutionary tips on conducting A / B tests

The beginning of the year is an excellent reason for change. In the first days of January, entrepreneurs often start new projects and try to bring existing ones to the next level. There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of online projects. These include A / B testing, which increases the conversion rate of the resource.

When pop-ups can ruin your brand

Pop-ups (pop-ups) - the tool is far from new. However, despite this, opinions about their effectiveness are still divided. Some claim that pop-ups are the best way to increase conversion. Others consider them to be the main irritant of outbound marketing (aggressive, intrusive, and so disliked by modern Internet users).

Calls to action: why they are so important and how to use them

A call to action is an appeal to potential customers, designed to incline them to certain behavior. As a rule, he answers the question why. Why would anyone want to subscribe to your blog? Why someone will not regret money for your product? Only by convincing your target audience of the benefits of your products or services, you can encourage them to commit certain actions.

Does your product card not sell? It's all about fear ...

Imagine you were asked to build a plane. And they gave us a list of the necessary elements: it must have wings, an engine, a nose, a tail, a chassis ... well, in general, everything that is needed for it to fly. Without losing a second, you start to work, diligently connecting with each other all the listed components, and as a result you get a small double Su-30.

4 easy ways to double the conversion rate

Conversion level optimization is the top priority for digital marketing. SEO-optimizers, internet marketers and all the royal army optimize sites in the hope of turning visitors into customers. If you started reading this article, welcome to the fun company! Below are four simple ways to increase conversion.

5 ways to make online advertising more visible

In early December, Google announced that users do not notice more than half of the ads published on Internet sites. Please note that this is not about clicks on banners and text links and links to advertisers sites. Users literally do not see half the ads. Is it possible to correct the situation and make advertising more visible?

62 variables for A / B testing

Have you decided to conduct your first A / B testing? Surely, you wondered the question: "Where to start?". After all, there are a number of marketing variables that may become the object of your research ... And maybe the other way around - you have already conducted a dozen A / B tests and have exhausted your imagination. Tested all possible elements of your site, various email-sending formats and ways to promote in social networks and now you do not know what to do next.

15 worst sites: unsuccessful design and poor usability

Most business projects have their own website or plan to create it in the foreseeable future. However, not all entrepreneurs can appreciate the professionalism of web design studios. Therefore, they believe the beautiful words of studio managers, confirmed by examples of work in the portfolio. Sometimes this leads to trouble: a new project site does not generate leads and conversions, but smiles or outright ridicule of potential customers.

Increase conversion: a selection of free plugins for WordPress

If your site is powered by WordPress, you're in luck. You can solve problems within five minutes for which users of other CMS spend several days. To do this, just find and install the appropriate plugin. For example, with the help of a plugin, you can “tie” a feedback form, make the URL SEO-friendly or increase the page conversion.