How to present a project to a customer who does not understand your work?

Here you have designed the site, drew a logo or wrote text for the landing page and drop the result to the client. But your work did not seem to him a brilliant revelation, as you did. Ridiculous comments begin (what it carries), inappropriate edits are made (I won't even add it to the portfolio), and the relationship may be broken (I don't work with this inadequate anymore).

How to use grids when creating prototypes of pages

This article will be useful if you make prototypes of sites to bring your ideas to web designers and developers. The tutorial will teach you how to prototype a mesh. Disclaimer: if you make a prototype without a grid, nothing terrible will happen. A professional designer or web developer will add a grid for you.

Pleasant to contact: 15 examples of pages "Contacts"

You visited the site, walked around a blog or product catalog, and even read the text "About Us". Interested. There was a desire to contact the owner of the site: the company or individuals. Then you can go to the page "Contacts". Well, if it will be framed as one of those presented in the article.

What are UX and UI, and why there are no UX designers

The expression "UX / UI-designer" is absurd. User experience (or UX) is as relevant to design as contextual marketing is. That is contextual advertising is one of many marketing tools. And design, including UI-design, is one of many factors that shape user experience or UX.

Ask the user: a review of the service Askusers

To successfully develop a website, a marketer needs to be able to look at it from the side. This allows you to critically evaluate the resource, notice and eliminate errors, find ways to improve efficiency. The problem is that a person cannot always objectively evaluate the product of his labor. Exit the situation can be using the service to conduct an audit of sites Askusers.

How to set a task for a designer and not go crazy

I work as an art director in an online agency and teach novice designers in online courses. From experience, I know that working with a designer can be a source of amazing discoveries, and can turn into a headache, deadlines and a spoiled project. A common cause of problems is an incomprehensible task: the manager and designer do not understand what they want from each other.

How to create visual content using the convenient and cheap tool Canva

The Internet industry has been developing for a long time under the motto of improving user experience. Sites and Internet services did everything to simplify the consumption and replication of content. For example, even preschoolers can not just watch videos on YouTube, but also share video content with friends on social networks, download videos from YouTube to a computer, embed a video code on a blog or website page.

Why does a TZ barber, or turn web design before

Disclaimer: The opinion of the author may not coincide with the opinion of the editors and blah blah blah. Well, you understand) "It is difficult to make a person understand something if his salary depends on his ability to misunderstand." Upton Sinclair On a cool June afternoon 2016 phone rang. This is the spouse of the former head looking for clients for a hairdresser.

100 Best Free WordPress Themes

A selection of the best themes for WordPress will help you choose a design template for different types of sites. The description of each topic includes a link to a template in the official catalog, a screenshot, a short list of features and specifications. Table of Contents: Criteria for choosing the best themes Frankly, I am skeptical about the selection of the best design templates.

How to fix common mistakes with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It is not surprising that users of this engine are faced with typical problems and make common mistakes. What mistakes are we talking about and how to fix them? Mobile menu error When trying to use the site menu, users may experience a problem (see

25 design articles to begin to understand the topic

Are you from the secret club masters Photoshop? Or maybe even Paint causes superstitious fear? It doesn’t matter, because our selection is made for everyone. There are design tools, professional advice, guides and a lot of things that make design closer and clearer for those who are not in the subject. Read, share, recommend to colleagues.

Why empathy is the most important skill for web designers?

Each of us interprets the concept of empathy in its own way. In general, this is the ability to briefly move away the only true and undeniable beliefs and look at the world through the eyes of another person, walk around in his shoes, experience his anxiety with him and feel what he feels. This is the most important interpersonal communication skill not only for web designers, but also for writers, executives, teachers and many other professionals whose work is directly related to communication with people.

Design Trends 2019

The color trend setter Pantone on December 6, 2018 announced the color of the year. They became “Live Coral 16-1546”: Pantone wrote about where you can successfully use this “life-affirming color” The network has already picked up the trend and showed what all sites will be in 2019: But color designers alone will not do.

5 ways to improve the design of your content

We have already written about how important the readability of the content, today we will continue to talk about it. There is no doubt that most of the content today is created and consumed in the digital space. Therefore, regardless of whether you use the desktop application or the visual editor of your CMS, make sure that the layout of your material is fully optimized for the Internet.

How to work in "Photoshop": a complete guide for beginners

Before you guide on the "Photoshop". In it, I told how to navigate the program, about the principles of work, I examined the main functions and tools. It is suitable for those who are not familiar with the program at all or want to understand it better - copywriters, managers, marketers, novice designers. The guide will help to better convey their ideas in presentations, to make illustrations for articles and posts of social networks, to process photos.

How to run a website on a local computer

If you do not want to open access to the site at the design stage, use a local server. With the help of special software, you can deploy a resource on your computer and work with it. Then the site can be transferred to the server hosting provider. A step-by-step installation guide for popular local servers is below.