What is wrong with fashion editors?

Take a look at any recruiting site - there are always vacancies and editors' resumes. Inspired by the notes in "TF", business owners are looking for people who will turn the letters into sales. And at the same time they expect a result from a freelance editor as from the head of a web agency. To begin, let's define who is meant by the editor.

Personal experience: what is bad remote work

Hello! My name is Victor Fomin, I am the editor of Internet projects. Previously, Texterra had my articles published: Today I want to talk about the negative aspects in remote work. Everything is checked on personal practice, and not copied from the Internet. In 2012, I attended a lecture on “mobile work environment” in Kiev: a lecturer told interesting and logically correct things that the format of remote work captures the world.

How a recruiter evolved: from the "aunt in the window" to the marketer

Why did evolution happen at all? We will not delve into the jungle of dialectics. It is clear that recruiting, as any phenomenon of the market or its substitutes, changes with the market and under its own pressure. The economic models, the mentality of generations and the global conjuncture are changing. Perhaps this is an exhaustive list of reasons.

You need a job, and you are a marketer. What to do?

Your unique marketing brain is not needed by anyone, and that's fine. Two statistical figures and one disappointing conclusion. Each advanced job seeker knows that all the difficulties in finding a job are caused solely by the settings of "objective reality" in his head. We will not dispute this immutable fact.

Where to find employees for digital in social networks: 50+ sites

Many HR-managers check the pages of candidates in social networks, but they don’t know what to look for employees there. In the meantime, it is logical to search for digital personnel in their natural habitat. The main ways to find specialists through social networks: Targeted advertising. It is easy to launch ads on social networks, because many potential candidates fill out a profile much more willingly than Proust's questionnaire.

Successful success in social networks: how to distinguish specialists from talkers

In this article I write about those who offer their services in social networks, has working pages or groups. It doesn't matter if the targetologist is an infobusiness guru, copywriter or smmschik. How to assess the adequacy of a specialist: table Business correspondence - a simple way to assess the adequacy of the interlocutor. Before you begin, study the profile of a potential employee using the table below.

Not just tea and cookies: 14 tips for creating HR pages with examples

You might think: people will want to work and get paid for it - they will send resumes and portfolios from any page. Say, and so the template vacancies, the curve layout, the absence of a call to action and zero really useful information about future work. But no. A section on the site or a separate landing page with job openings and a job description in the company is not only about hiring employees.

How to pass an assessment center with benefit, and most importantly - with pleasure?

When do you face an assessment, and what do you need to know in each of them? The assessment center (hereinafter - AU) came to our latitudes, like all western-progressive, about 20 years ago. What is characteristic - with a lag of 40 years. The legend says that the technology was born in the depths of the British Ministry of Defense, was used to evaluate military pilots and flowed into a specially equipped brick booth, which was also called the "assessment center".