5 phenomena in the Russian media that will form a picture of 2017

Ran on vacation on the traditional summary of the journalism. There are many interesting and isolated facts, even more reasons for despondency and apathy. Instead of gloomy arguments about jeans and Varlamov, he decided to single out 5 phenomena that, perhaps, do not ring so loudly, but they can determine the sectoral, rather than social and political agenda for the media in 2017.

A secret to the whole world, or how to develop and launch a rumor

Instead of the introduction, "Hearing about me will pass across all great Russia, And every language in it will call me." Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. The most respectable public is like a nipple: blow there, and silence in response. Kommersant overstocked warehouses, the artist spoils canvases and paints, the writer extracts radium from "thousands of tons of verbal ore."

Secrets of creating legendary brands

Successful branding includes many components: name creation, selection of the target audience and advertising channels, image development and other marketing efforts. Legendary brands are born when a company or product becomes a symbol, enshrined in the subconscious of the consumer. Here both the quality characteristics that favorably distinguish the new brand from the competitors and the intangible elements on which the brand message is based are important.