Why your marketer needs augmented reality: how to get the most out of it and make your application

Augmented reality (augmented reality, AR) is a phenomenon that has been haunting the minds of gadget owners all over the world for the second decade. Attitude towards him from the public, business and investors is not entirely unambiguous. A great future is prophesied to him, a cross is put on him, and then a new surge of interest arises in the wake of the appearance of the next startling product (like Pokemon Go or Magic Leap).

27 free mobile apps for business

You are a busy person and you probably want to optimize your workflow as much as possible. I collected 27 convenient mobile applications with which you can store any data, sign documents with an electronic signature, transfer money from one account to another, read business news and prepare for trips.

Marketing Augmented Reality: 15+ Case Studies

With the advent of augmented reality (augmented reality, AR), companies have discovered new ways to convey the value of the product to their potential consumers. Augmented reality in advertising and marketing will entice customers into the exciting world, fill the flat surfaces of leaflets and billboards with interactive content, draw interaction with the brand and allow to make the service even more convenient.

60 free mobile apps: must have for internet marketers

In this review, I collected 60 of the most useful and high-quality mobile applications that should be in the arsenal of every internet marketer. Most applications can be found on both Android and iOS, all of them are free and tested by me on the Android OS. Applications are divided into groups, so you can choose the one that suits you.

Applications for application development: how to make an application for iOS and Android yourself

Doubt whether to invest in the development of a mobile application? It can be made independently and absolutely free. You can get a test version, with the help of which it is convenient to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile strategy. And if you try, you will make a decent mobile application that will become the main tool for online interaction with the owners of smartphones and tablets.