Trolling scientifically: convert hate into sales

Professional marketers prefer to live on the light side of the world. They are always polite, correct, humane and tolerant. The idea that advertising can offend someone or, worse, annoy, usually horrifies them. No, in this approach, of course, there is common sense: good, honest and fair, Luke Skywalker will surely defeat all enemies ... but the figures of the hated Darth Vader are much better sold out.

Practical BDSM in marketing, or Learning to provoke correctly

So, we found out that marketing provocations work. If in doubt, read the article "Trolling in a scientific way: convert hatred into sales," and here is the study. But what is provocation? How does she work? And why there are unsuccessful provocations? How to avoid them? Interesting? Then let's go. If you do not agree with my methods and consider that provoking people is not good, then read this article with particular attention.

How do NPOs raise money with crowdfunding?

Increasingly, crowdfunding is raising money not only for creative, but also for charitable projects. How do NPOs raise money with crowdfunding? We offer step by step instructions. Crowdfunding in Russia is quite a young phenomenon. Kroogi became the first crowdfunding platform in the country, specializing only in creative projects.

Advertisement on tattoos as a tool PR: 7 real stories

Have you seen people who have logos and names of famous brands on their forehead, back and other places? Think they are crazy? Or they were promised millions? I found such people. Among them - the showman, tattoo master, director of the network of car services and even an employee of "Texterra". Heroes will tell you what made them do this to themselves.

34 examples of advertising from Instagram bloggers

In Instagram, advertising is used mainly in posts of celebrities, opinion leaders, corporate accounts of companies and ordinary users. Where I went, what I ate, where I dressed and cut my hair, in what salon I bought a car - all of this interests subscribers and draws attention to goods and services. The specificity of Instagram limits the possibilities of advertising: if large sites have the opportunity to post voluminous sponsorship articles, special projects, everything is simpler: mostly clickable links to the company profile, photos, videos, stories and infographics.

How to increase brand awareness in the network: a detailed guide

Often, companies use the same set of actions: launching contextual advertising on landing pages, optimizing a website for advancing in search, registering accounts and groups in social networks, and setting up target. The goal is usually the same - sales right now. They can be understood. But at some point, such a strategy may lead to a dead end, because advertising simply ceases to be profitable.

Bonus: real stories from the nineties

I sit, so I eat Kuku-Khan, I drink Hershey-Cola, I look up to the sky - chicken legs are flying there, Soyuzkontrakt ... Nokia 3310 is ringing here, a friend in touch: “Turn on the TV,“ Dovgan-Show "Begins!" "She, - I say, - I'd rather see what kind of exchange" Alice "has appeared. They say that some Sterligov discovered ...".